Brian O'Connor & Bachelors Walk

The group took its name from one of the famous Dublin quays: a place beside the Liffey where buses from the North and South Sides met and so did people on their way home from work. A place where you stopped to have your first drink of the evening, to chat and watch the talent go by, to make plans for the night or maybe just have a few more pints. The sort of place that couldn’t be more Irish: relaxed, warm hearted, fast talking and hard drinking. And the four Bachelors – from time to time even five Bachelors, in case Brian O’Connor, an excellent flute player joins them as guest musician – long serving musicians all, know just how to re-create that kind of feeling in their music. They have discovered the secret formula that can make time stand still for a few hours and transport an audience across the seas to the Emerald Isle. Sometimes even further afield. To Australia, America or Germany. To any place abroad where Irish people live and songs about the Irish way of life are written. Something Bachelors Walk know a thing or two about, having themselves settled in Stuttgart a good few years ago. And they don’t just sing these songs. They write some of their material themselves.

Despite operating under the name ‘Bachelors’, through all the years they have remained faithfully wed to their first love: Irish music. And because they are such a grand bunch of guys, she in turn has forgiven all of their small infidelities: their brief flirtations with country ’n’ western and rock music and comedy. Their stage chat alone is worth the entrance money and wouldn’t be a miss in a professional comedy routine. People leave a Bachelors Walk gig feeling elated and who cares if they’ve clapped their hands raw and will have stiff legs in the morning? The fact is, when the jigs and reels are in full flow the beat is irresistible. And whenever the Bachelors unleash their version of the Dingle Regatta (by now elevated to cult status by their fans) they demand – and invariably get – a Total Physical Response of gratifying commitment from their audience.

There are other things that are no secret. For instance that with Forty Shades of Green, The Boys in the Back Room, Rain Check and The Train to Galway and Live the group has five albums to their name; Rain check and Train to Galway released on the Magnetic Music label – Co. Clare‘s first trad record company. It can also be revealed that Bachelors Walk have toured extensively, not only through half of Europe, but as far afield as Australia too. They have played at large international festivals, been recorded live by various TV and radio stations and have often performed in front of four-figure audiences. In so doing they have helped a simple Dublin street name to become one of the top addresses for Irish Folk.