A Brief History

Brian was born in Dublin, Capel Street. At the age of four his family moved to the Navan Rd. area. His father, Dessie O‘Connor, was a well known and respected traditional flute player. Brian grew up with many traditional musicians from this area such as Seán Óg Potts, Seán O‘Broin, Paul McGrattan, Fiach O‘Broin among others. He learned the music from many of the older musicians who were friends of his father. Unfortunately in 1977 his father died. Through the encouragement of the late Paidí bán O‘Broin and his son‘s the late Fiách O‘Broin and happy to say the still living Seán O‘Broin, Brian started playing the flute.

Thereafter he learned a lot of music, in particular from the great Sligo/Dublin flute player John Egan. He also learnt a lot of music from Seán Potts (ex Chieftains) and John Kelly among others. Brian‘s Mother is from Roscommon and through this connection he got to meet and play with Josie McDermot on many occasions.

In 1984 Brian came to Germany for the first time on a tour with the band “Ceolinn“. Brian also played with the Dublin pop band “The Dadas“, who‘s single and video were played repeatedly on MTV and Irish and English television. He also recorded the single “West in Motion“ with the band “Bumble“ which went into the top ten in the Irish and English dance charts, the first trad. Hip-Hop record to be successful in a commercial field.In 1986 Brian joined the band Oisín and toured with them for five years throughout Europe. Thereafter he continued to play with Geraldine MacGowan as “Geraldine MacGowan Band“, which is now going well with the release of their fifth CD “Through The Years“.Brian now lives and works in Germany full time.

His solo CD “Come West Along The Road“ was named so, before the R.T.E. programme of the same name came out, which coincidentally also features his father. The CD was produced by Michael Witzel who has worked with Rupert Hine, Chris De Burg and others. The reviews, including “Ireland Journal“ and “Culture News“, among many others, have been unanimous in their praise for Brian‘s music and musicianship and the forward looking production of the Album.